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Reply boysbeambitious, May 24th, 2007, 6:10 pm

The Running Strawberry Bakery! Reads from L to R.

in the second panel, Page is thinking "big brother!". :) haha, in case you were going to point out that he can't speak. ;D
I also didn't think about Page having a brother until this morning...when I drew it... XD

I made an "about me" section - please feel free to ask me questions about my comic, or anything in general. (they can be included in comments)

Thank you loves! &#9829;

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Reply Peppo, May 24th, 2007, 7:01 pm

awww! so cute!

Reply kupocchi (Guest), May 24th, 2007, 8:17 pm

"big brother!"
aww Page, you are full of so much cute.

and zomg, Gackt is indeed awesome yo. =]

Reply Ramikuro, May 24th, 2007, 10:46 pm

ahhh its wayyy too cute to rate on the cuteness rating machine! *hugggles the comic*

Reply smart_lozer, May 24th, 2007, 11:01 pm

Waugh! This is the cutest style I've ever seen! Total fav TT___TT <3

Reply dark-shmingle, May 25th, 2007, 6:25 am

awww!! i love ur art its sooooo adorableeeee >_<

Reply boysbeambitious, May 25th, 2007, 8:51 am

This is indeed a BL story. :)

and thanks everyone! *^___^*

Reply Kup-chan, May 25th, 2007, 6:45 pm

such a cute style!!!

Reply mitten, May 26th, 2007, 5:53 pm

*is dieing of cuteness*
to cute!

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